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Domain Name Registration


Econz IT Services Pvt. Ltd offers affordable domain name registration, best domain names, bulk domain names registration,cheap domain names,.com domain names,.edu domain names,.org domain names,.biz domains,new domains. As well as registering new domain names on your behalf, we will provide ongoing management of them, renewing names as required with the appropriate Registrar.

This is a separate contract to any arrangement you may have with any third party for the provision of internet services. We believe in a strict fair pricing policy for value-consciences consumers, like you. We keep pricing at an all time low and operate our service on extremely low margins by not wasting cash flow on unnecessary things and not hiding anything from our customers! Our pricing is always straight forward and fully inclusive, unlike many of our competitors. We don’t require you to register for longer periods than you’d like or hide extra costs such as taxes and registry fees to name a couple.

Don't be fooled into believing that lower pricing means no human technical support. We guarantee quality customer support in the industry! We never sell a domain, and then never provide support. We’re available to you 24 hours a day, everyday. Believe it or not, but we put support emails before pre-sales emails! We believe that keeping happy customers result in loyal consumers and repeat-purchases.Our experts are on hand to help you either by email or live online. The main search in the field happens on the following keywords are mobi domain name registration, multiple domain name registration, net domain name registration , new domain name registration, offers domain name registration, offers domain name registration service, offers global domain name registration, official domain name registration, online domain name registration, org domain name registration, register for a domain name, register internet domain name, register my domain name, register new domain name, register your domain name, registration of a domain name, renew domain name registration, transfer domain names, web domain name registration, web site domain name registration.

Your domain name is your unique identity on the World Wide Web. So choose a name that conveys your Company's identity such as,, or Econz IT Services Pvt. Ltd, which uniquely identify your company, product, service, industry or interests.

Even if you do not intend having your own company email address or Web site immediately, it is wise to reserve your website domain name as soon as possible, because another company may register your name before you do. Additionally we can provide comprehensive DNS (Domain Name System) verification and problem diagnosis.

The DNS framework is complex and the DNS administration process recognized as being very prone to human error. Our diagnostics verify DNS setup for 100% reliability, systematically investigating all DNS problems and providing solutions. We can perform dozens of different DNS tests; practically all known DNS server tests that can be made today. These include checks for the availability of backup mail and DNS services for a zone, analysis of the general configuration of zones and connections to parent domains, and many more.

Popular Country TLD's are 

.ac – Ascension Island
.ae – United Arab Emirates
.af – Afghanistan
.ag – Antigua and Barbuda
.ai – Anguilla
.al – Albania
.am – Armenia
.an – Netherlands Antilles
.ao – Angola
.aq – Antarctica
.ar – Argentina
.as – American Samoa
.at – Austria
.au – Australia
.aw – Aruba
.ax – Aland Islands
.az – Azerbaijan
.ba – Bosnia and Herzegovina
.bb – Barbados
.bd – Bangladesh
.be – Belgium
.bf – Burkina Faso
.bg – Bulgaria
.bh – Bahrain
.bi – Burundi
.bj – Benin
.bm – Bermuda
.bn – Brunei
.bo – Bolivia
.br – Brazil
.bs – Bahamas
.bt – Bhutan
.bv – Bouvet Island
.bw – Botswana
.by – Belarus
.bz – Belize
.ca – Canada
.cc – Cocos (Keeling) Islands
.cd – Democratic Republic of the Congo
.cf – Central African Republic
.cg – Republic of the Congo
.ch – Switzerland
.ci – Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
.ck – Cook Islands
.cl – Chile
.cm – Cameroon
.cn – People's Republic of China
.co – Colombia
.cr – Costa Rica
.cu – Cuba
.cv – Cape Verde
.cx – Christmas Island
.cy – Cyprus
.cz – Czech Republic
.de – Germany
.dj – Djibouti
.dk – Denmark
.dm – Dominica
.do – Dominican Republic
.dz – Algeria
ec – Ecuador
.ee – Estonia
.eg – Egypt
.eh – Western Sahara
.er – Eritrea
.es – Spain
.et – Ethiopia
.eu – European Union
.fi – Finland
.fj – Fiji
.fk – Falkland Islands
.fm – Federated States of Micronesia
.fo – Faroe Islands
.fr – France
.ga – Gabon
.gb – United Kingdom
.gd – Grenada
.ge – Georgia
.gf – French Guiana
.gg – Guernsey
.gh – Ghana
.gi – Gibraltar
.gl – Greenland
.gm – Gambia
.gn – Guinea
.gp – Guadeloupe
.gq – Equatorial Guinea
.gr – Greece
.gs – South Georgia - South Sandwich Islands
.gt – Guatemala
.gu – Guam
.gw – Guinea-Bissau
.gy – Guyana
.hk – Hong Kong
.hm – Heard Island and McDonald Islands
.hn – Honduras
.hr – Croatia
.ht – Haiti
.hu – Hungary
.id – Indonesia
.ie – Ireland
.il – Israel
.im – Isle of Man
.in – India
.io – British Indian Ocean Territory
.iq – Iraq
.ir – Iran
.is – Iceland
.it – Italy
.je – Jersey
.jm – Jamaica
.jo – Jordan
.jp – Japan
.ke – Kenya
.kg – Kyrgyzstan
.kh – Cambodia
.ki – Kiribati
.km – Comoros
.kn – Saint Kitts and Nevis
.kp – North Korea
.kr – South Korea
.kw – Kuwait
.ky – Cayman Islands

.kz – Kazakhstan
.la – Laos
.lb – Lebanon
.lc – Saint Lucia
.li – Liechtenstein
.lk – Sri Lanka
.lr – Liberia
.ls – Lesotho
.lt – Lithuania
.lu – Luxembourg
.lv – Latvia
.ly – Libya
.mc – Monaco
.md – Moldova
.me – Montenegro
.mg – Madagascar
.mh – Marshall Islands
.mk – Republic of Macedonia
.ml – Mali
.mm – Myanmar
.mn – Mongolia
.mo – Macau
.mp – Northern Mariana Islands
.mq – Martinique
.mr – Mauritania
.ms – Montserrat
.mt – Malta
.mu – Mauritius
.mv – Maldives
.mw – Malawi
.mx – Mexico
.my – Malaysia
.mz – Mozambique
.na – Namibia
.nc – New Caledonia
.ne – Niger
.nf – Norfolk Island
.ng – Nigeria
.ni – Nicaragua
.nl – Netherlands
.no – Norway
.np – Nepal
.nr – Nauru
.nu – Niue
.nz – New Zealand – North Cyprus
.om – Oman
.pa – Panama
.pe – Peru
.pf – French Polynesia
.pg – Papua New Guinea
.ph – Philippines
.pk – Pakistan
.pl – Poland
.pm – Saint Pierre and Miquelon
.pn – Pitcairn Islands
.pr – Puerto Rico
.ps – Palestine
.pt – Portugal
.pw – Palau
.py – Paraguay
.qa – Qatar
.re – Réunion
.ro – Romania
.rs – Serbia
.ru – Russia
.rw – Rwanda
.sa – Saudi Arabia
.sb – Solomon Islands
.sc – Seychelles
.sd – Sudan
.se – Sweden
.sg – Singapore
.sh – Saint Helena
.si – Slovenia
.sk – Slovakia
.sl – Sierra Leone
.sm – San Marino
.sn – Senegal
.sr – Suriname
.st – São Tomé and Príncipe
.su – Soviet Union
.sv – El Salvador
.sy – Syria
.sz – Swaziland
.tc – Turks and Caicos Islands
.td – Chad
.tf – French Southern Territories
.tg – Togo
.th – Thailand
.tj – Tajikistan
.tk – Tokelau
.tl – East Timor
.tm – Turkmenistan
.tn – Tunisia
.to – Tonga
.tp – East Timor
.tr – Turkey
.tt – Trinidad and Tobago
.tv – Tuvalu
.tw – Taiwan
.tz – Tanzania
.ua – Ukraine
.ug – Uganda
.uk – United Kingdom
.us – United States
.uy – Uruguay
.uz – Uzbekistan
.va – Vatican City
.vc – Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
.ve – Venezuela
.vg – British Virgin Islands
.vi – United States Virgin Islands
.vn – Vietnam
.vu – Vanuatu
.wf – Wallis and Futuna
.ws – Samoa
.ye – Yemen
.yt – Mayotte
.yu – Yugoslavia
.za – South Africa
.zm – Zambia
.zw – Zimbabwe


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