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Online Marketing Services

Econz IT Services Pvt. Ltd Inc.'s Online marketing services department offers a variety of proven techniques developed specifically to target your market and attract potential customers to your site.

Having a website is not enough to fetch substantial business benefits, until your potential customers across the globe can reach it at a time when they are looking for products/services you offer Thus effective Website marketing with consistent promotion is the key to success online. You need a comprehensive web marketing strategy designed to attract new prospects, convert leads into sales, and maximize the lifetime value of your customers. We analyze your needs, develop a tailored plan of action based on top-quality research, and continually improve and refine our techniques to help your business leverage the Internet's power, and to monetize its potential.

Internet Marketing - Advantages and Disadvantages Everyone seems to be jumping on the online internet marketing bandwagon lately. In the race to get their business online, many successful businesses forget to ask themselves some tough questions about what they are doing, what their expectations are and what their plan is to meet those expectations. The internet can be a powerful tool that can put you on solid footing with bigger companies. On the other hand, the other companies may have more money to pay for advertising. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind as you analyze your internet marketing strategy.

Advantage of Internet Marketing - your store is open, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Further, your customers are worldwide in reach, and can shop anytime that they want to - the cost of spreading your message is next to nothing. Emailing your subscription base is more oftne cheaper than sending a letter through the mail - updating your subscribers can be done almost instantly through email. Visitors to your website can get up to the minute information on each visit. If you are having a sale, your customers can start shopping at the discounted prices literally as soon as they open their email - if you have an information sensitive business, such as a law firm, newspaper or online magazine, you can deliver your products directly to your customers without having to use a courier .

The advantages of online Internet marketing are many. Since the World Wide Web is so widely available, businesses can access millions of potential customers with just a few clicks of their mouse. Yet, as with any form of advertising, there are some disadvantages of Internet marketing as well. Each business owner and salesman will need to consider both in order to decide if online promotion is right for them. By weighing their options and determining the type of consumers they need to reach, they can see more of the advantages than the disadvantages.

One of the advantages of Internet marketing is the broad reach it has to consumers. The Web is not just nationwide - it's worldwide. This means that your product or service can be viewed by people just about anywhere in the world. Compared to other forms of advertising, Internet marketing can reach a far larger number of people. Television and radio ads just can't compare to a pop-up or banner ad online. Mailings get thrown away and aren't cost effective. Billboards only reach those who happen to be paying attention at just the right time. Consumers will hang up on or put off talking to a telemarketer. In the time it takes to make one phone call, you can send thousands of emails. Overall, it just makes more sense to put your money into online promotions.

Another advantage is that when you put your money into it, you won't have to put too much. Not only is online marketing fast and easy, it's relatively inexpensive. Compared to other forms of promotions, it is far more affordable and cost effective. Naturally, in certain venues can be expensive, especially if you want a banner ad or link on an extremely popular and well known website. More often than not, though, it can be highly affordable for just about any size business. You may find that banner and pop-up ads on a good website are out of your reach financially, but that a link is not. You may be able to afford a pay-per-click program with a major website. Compare prices to see what best suits your needs.

Among the other advantages, it can also help you reach your target audience of consumers. Through email marketing, you can reach thousands of people at once. You simply sign up with a service that sells you the email addresses of thousands of interested, potential customers. You or the service can send them an email about your product or service with a link to your website. Your website will also help you to reach your target audience. Through search engines, interested consumers can find your website and learn more about your product or service. Banner ads or pop-ups can be used to reach your target audience as well. You may want to only reach antique car enthusiasts. In this case, you can really benefit from Internet advertising by having an ad on a major website for antique car enthusiasts.

There are some disadvantages of Internet marketing. There is a possibility that you could be participating in illegal or unethical online promotions. That is why it is extremely important that you familiarize yourself with the appropriate ways to obtain emails and to avoid spamming. Another of the disadvantages is that you may not want to reach customers through the Internet. You or your type of business may be the kind that requires face-to-face contact for success. You may be selling a product that is best demonstrated in person. You may also have a particular consumer base that isn't as Internet savvy such as the elderly. Thus, your efforts to market on the Web would really be a waste of time and money. The last of the disadvantages of Internet marketing is that unless you can market professionally, few consumers will take you seriously.

Just like other forms of advertising, it is equally important that you make the right impression with consumers. Your website, emails and ads should all be presentable and professional. Looking at the disadvantages and the advantages of Internet marketing can help you decide if it's right for your product or service. Take the time to look at potential companies to work with. Some may offer tips and advice that you hadn't thought of when it comes to reaching your target consumer. If you choose to take on advertising on your own, consider reading some books on the subject or attending a class or seminar about it. Your local business center or chamber of commerce may offer some helpful advice as well. Overall, weigh the disadvantages with the advantages carefully so that your investment won't be a waste

Disadvantages of Internet Marketing - online marketing is not free. The cost of software, hardware, wed site design, maintenance of your site, online distribution costs and of course, time, all must be factored into the cost of providing your service or product. - slightly over 50% of households shop online. While that number will continue to grow, you are reaching less than two out of three households. - the internet is still regarded as a source of information gathering for the majority of your customers. Of the number of visitors to your site, the vast majority of visitors who are motivated to buy will do so in person. Many people prefer the live interaction when they buy. If you have a small business with one location, this may deter customers from buying. - easier to have outdated information on your site, thus timing of updates is critical - there is no replacement for good old fashioned customer service.

The majority of internet marketers lack customer service and inquiry response programs. As a result, many online visitors to your site will already have painted your site as poor service before they have even contacted you. The majority of websites also have poor navigation, which makes it difficult for your visitor to find what they are looking for. Many sites were created with a marketing view, not a customer service point of view. - is your site secure? Does your customer know this? There are many incorrect stereotypes about the security of the internet out there. As a result, many of your visitors will not want to use their credit card to make a purchase. The fear of having their credit card info stolen is a clear and present danger in the minds of your visitors - there is a lot of competition for your product already out there. By the time your visitor finds you, they have already been clicking many links.

Unless they can find what they are looking for quickly, they are gone. - many web visitors expect something for free. What do you have to offer them? There are many other pros and cons of internet marketing. Its important for you to consider each when creating your internet marketing strategy. Each of the disadvantages can be overcome, but only if you view the customer experience from the eyes of your customer, not as an internet marketer.

We provide a spectrum of solutions that includes:

  1. SEO (Search engine optimization) Services
  2. Multi-Lingual Promotion
  3. Web Site Marketing

These marketing strategies can be implemented independently or combined into an integrated strategic marketing campaign to maximize your internet visibility. Whatever be the size / requirement of your business, please feel free to write to us for our consultants to assist you on how your business can benefit by using our services.

Web Site Promotion means listing your website at top position on leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn, Alta Vista etc. With proper web site promotion India in leading search engines, your business will get a major boost.

Econz IT Services Pvt. Ltd are empowered to provide our customers with standard and customized e-commerce development solutions for web site promotion in Bangalore , that can coincide with their budget, and thus can help them achieve their goals at affordable cost.

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