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web application Bangalore,web application development Kochi,web based application Kochi
web application project Kerala,web application developer Bangalore,web application design Kochi
E-Catalog Services Bangalore,web application India,web based applications India

Web Application Development

Econz IT Services Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore web application firm focusing on web application deployment, development, monitoring, programming, web application hosting, deployment descriptor with web enabled applications like java PHP asp scripts.

E-Catalog Services

Econz IT Services Pvt. Ltd is a premier provider of e-Catalog services catering to top-notch customers across the world. We specialize in aggregating diverse data, matching up syntax and structure, and keeping that data updated. E-Catalog is new age communication tool. This is new type of concept product / profile services catalog for internet promotion. This is fastest and secure way of sending catalog to client by virtue of sending only text link even in worst communication network. E-Catalog has features like fully secure data (no one can copy any content), digital rights management, and feedback forms.

We can handle any kind of catalog for you – including product information in many formats such as text, images, PDF and more. Our expertise covers the management of large catalogs comprising millions of products.

Econz IT Services Pvt. Ltd’s catalog services provide you with multiple search options. They also act as a powerful sales tool, listing the available products and letting customers browse them in a convenient way. Very often, the catalog is the only point of contact between customer and the vendor. That being the case, presentation of information in a catalog is crucial. Our experts specialize in organizing and designing the presentation of information – in such as ways as to create a distinct brand identity. The result is that your catalog speaks volumes about your enterprise and its products, and is a veritable sales force in itself.

Econz IT Services Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading web site application development companies in Bangalore, India. Being in the software development industry for over a decade now with development centers in Bangalore, India, our company has an in-depth knowledge in software development and application. Our company develops custom Web site applications and software across a wide range of technology platforms to ensure successful implementation of your business strategies and enhancement of your operational excellence. As every client faces unique business challenges, our Web site application development team starts with a thorough understanding of your objectives and works with you in close collaboration to come up with the most appropriate software development solutions that are rapidly architecture, developed, tested and implemented.

For Team Econz IT Services Pvt. Ltd, every project is mission-critical and must be delivered - on time and within budget. We at Econz IT Services Pvt. Ltd understand that custom Website application development is not a one-off task. We employ leading-edge technologies so that need-based Web applications and technology solutions may have longer shelf-life and evolve with your business. These will need minimum maintenance/support and generate business value, so that our company remains your partner of choice for custom Web applications development and smart business moves.

Econz IT Services Pvt. Ltd develops custom Web site applications for a wide range of industries - Information Technology & Communications, Construction & Manufacturing, Automotive/Transportation, Financial Services, Healthcare, Education, Government Organizations and NGO's to Fashion, Footwear, Food & Beverage, Retail and many more. Our companies proven professional expertise, cross-industry experience and technical capabilities in software development and application will help determine the optimal technology solution for reducing costs, streamlining business processes and gaining business advantages. Econz IT Services Pvt. Ltd has strong international presence, providing global development advantage (GDA) and ensuring 24-hour development cycle encompassing onsite, offsite, and offshore mediums of work. From custom Website applications to inter-active business automation tools - our industry-specific and business-centric technology solutions are delivered across the globe so that you may: » Develop and market products/services more efficiently » Reduce administrative/other costs » Provide better customer service & add convenience for business partners/employees » Get higher Return on Investment (ROI)
Econz IT Services Pvt. Ltd’s Catalog Management services provide:


  1. Rich content
  2. Organization and classification into a hierarchical set of categories and sub-categories, called a taxonomy
  3. Import of legacy data from diverse external sources
  4. Product relationships that must be defined and maintained
  5. A search function that accommodates catalog users who are often not sure what exactly they are looking for

We provide all services related to catalog maintenance, from creation to management and delivery. Econz IT Services Pvt. Ltd has a team of dedicated professionals with expertise in catalog design. We understand the nuances of catalog presentation from a buyer’s perspective. Econz IT Services Pvt. Ltd’s participation at various exhibitions / trade shows has also helped it gain insight into industry practices and evolving phenomenon.
Econz IT Services Pvt. Ltd has created catalogs for the manufacturing, construction and life science sectors.


A dedicated team of domain experts is available to aid Catalog Management.
Our catalog management services include:
  1. Catalog design services
  2. Catalog creation (from diversified sources) services
  3. Image services in catalogs
  4. Creation  / enhancement of a taxonomy
  5. Catalog indexing services
  6. Product coding services (to categorize products across hierarchies)
  7. Optimization of existing catalog database with additional search terms
  8. Continuous updation services

The Econz IT Services Pvt. Ltd Advantage:

Your catalogs need to be updated on a continual basis for them to remain effective and efficient. Econz IT Services Pvt. Ltd’s proprietary “Mind Your Site” tool can poll hundreds of websites everyday to provide critical information about data updates available across a company’s website. In-depth analysis coupled with the swiftness and accuracy of “Mind Your Site” provides you with the edge you need to succeed in this competitive era. E-Catalog is a light weight champion. if you compare the size of e-catalog file with other kind of file formats wiz .pdf, jpg, corel, you will be pleased to notice it is almost 70 % smaller than others.

All our content management systems are tailored to the individual and come with a training package. This means you will get exactly what you need to suit your technical ability and more importantly your publishing requirements. For example, will you need multi-user authoring, strict version control and archiving, or do you just need to change a news page once a month?
Of course, if you would rather not commit your time and resources to managing content yourself, we are happy to work out an ongoing maintenance program for us to make any changes on your behalf.

Database Driven Websites

Experience the power and freedom afforded by a Econz IT Services Pvt. Ltd dynamic web database.

A database allows vast quantities of information to be handled consistently and with ease. The data stored can range from simple product information, to large quantities of data requiring complex calculations and joins to other sources of data both locally and remotely before the results are displayed.

A database driven website's information is produced dynamically, so that customization of delivered content can be tailored to individual users such as language preferences, or shopping 'wish lists'. It also gives the user the opportunity to interact with the site, for example storing information supplied by them for use on the next visit.

Econz IT Services Pvt. Ltd have comprehensive expertise in the development of dynamic database driven websites, and specialize in web enabling your existing systems for online database integration, ecommerce or intranet development. Our experience and knowledge in this field, means we are able to provide solid advice to our Clients regarding their online solutions, even developing new ground breaking techniques to solve particular user requirements.

ECommerce Shopping Solutions

At Econz IT Services Pvt. Ltd we understand the potential that online shopping can have for your business and the technology that surrounds it.

Revenue Generation, the bottom line. Today the website are not looked up as a communication media but also as a revenue generating entity in the new generation business arena like web application in Bangalore, web application development in Kochi The global research statistics proves the global online shoppers are increasing on a daily basis. The question comes to the website selection module, where the shoppers are on watch out for websites with clear navigation, easy to find products, reassurance of delivery procedure and a secure, easy to use checkout.
Some of the support services we offer include:

  • Custom SSML coding
  • Product catalog support
  • Template creation

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